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Here are the facts on how straightforward it is to implement Turf Prophit into your maintenance routine


Following your purchase, both a package and an email will arrive containing mount kits, implementation and user guides and a link to activate Turf Prophit at your facilities. A minimum of two iPads are required to have the system function optimally - one iPad for the superintendent (administrator/supervisory team) and one for the labourer/maintenance team. Depending on the size of the maintenance team, multiple iPads may further enhance efficiencies and as a rule of thumb, the Turf Prophit team recommends one iPad for every 8 maintenance employees (to be set up in the mount kits as pictured above). As for setup, we provide a step by step guide and offer online and phone and email support during the implementation process. Individual course parameters are setup via the Manage TP tab within the software. 


The list of prerequisites needed to implement Turf Prophit include:


  1. Access to a live internet connection and wireless capability
  2. Desktop computer with internet browser
  3. A minimum of two iPads (It is recommended that one iPad have wireless capabilities)


The Turf Prophit team can help you do the rest!



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