Why you should choose Turf Prophit


Turf Prophit is a feature rich, golf course maintenance scheduling, cost tracking and analysis system built specifically for golf course maintenance operations and the superintendent community. Our custom software offers the golf course superintendent features and benefits not found on other systems. It enables seamless scheduling and collection of maintenance inputs, and allows courses to organize and sort each of those inputs within a database for on demand analysis, easing the paper related workload of today's superintendent while increasing reaction time to budget shifts within the confines of a golfing season and from season to season.


Turf Prophit enables users to:

  1. Customize featured content to fit the course's needs and requirements
  2. Collect data at the swipe of a finger using the latest touch technology
  3. Monitor staffing and expenditure efficiencies in real time
  4. Analyze data in Turf Prophit's GreenZone and proactively adapt to the ever changing golf business environment
  5. Schedule maintenance activities and Forecast for future budgets and expenditures with enhanced accuracy and proactively steer maintenance philosophies now and in the future
  6. Reports are easily exported to Excel for analysis and distribution


All within Turf Prophit's easy to use, cloud based platform!


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